Established in 1987, Manas Paints & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (MPCPL) formerly known as Manas Paints, is a leading manufacturing company of exterior & interior paints, epoxy paints, p.u. paints, high gloss enamels & other all types of oil based paints. "Mahavir Sales" is sister concern company of MPCPL which is located in Gujarat. With, 25+ Years of commitment in its field, MPCPL has etched out an indomitable position as one of the reputed niche market players in the paint industry.

In the duration of our existence, we have managed, to make a mark in our field by carrying out quality jobs using a systematic & scientific approach, and applying a professional attitude to an otherwise largely unorganized sector. The quest for MPCPL began in 1987, but its roots run deeper. Now in it’s Third decade of operations, MPCPL has earned a reputation that is second to none - a reputation based on our “quality first” approach that pays as much attention to modern technology as it does to traditional virtues like integrity and belief in customer satisfaction. While MPCPL has to its credit a wide range of products for every stage of paint solutions, MPCPL has an extensive array of interior, exterior and industrial coatings. With a solemn objective of "Creative Better Quality Paint", MPCPL have committed themselves to quality and it's the secret of their success too.

Specialised Painting (Exterior and Interior)

There is a thin line that separates the merely good from the great. To cross that line takes a passion that goes beyond dedication - an obsession to achieve perfection in ones chosen field. For us at MPCPL, the quest for the exclusive goal of perfection has been a successful one. The quest continues, spurring us on to greater achievements.

We have had the pleasure of dealing with the leading and prominent architects and consultants in the field and have applied our expertise to the most prestigious structures in Mumbai. We employ experienced and qualified personnel, and do not believe in short cuts, rather, we do work the way it should be done, honestly, and in the correct manner to ensure guaranteed effectiveness and long term durability.

Quality Control

The road to perfection, in any field, is blocked by one door, QUALITY CONTROL. At MPCPL this concept receives more than mere lip service. The quality of materials, of workmanship, of finish, of any assignment completed by MPCPL is surpassed by none. Several of our systems are singularly unique. One of the main reasons why Quality Consciousness has permeated through the entire organization is the care and attention to every little detail paid by the key person, personally directs each operation, visiting the site daily.

A thorough check is maintained through the entire process, from planning, raw material and up to the final execution. We go to great lengths to ensure integrity of raw material. Our entire supervisory staff undergoes a vigorous training Programme every two years as a final step.

This presents clear evidence and a reassurance to clients that they are being given the finest and most honest kind of job possible. These stringent quality control methods allow us to offer an unprecedented genuine guarantee of ten years, provided the work is carried out as per our recommendations and specifications.


MPCPL has pioneered & mastered the task of adapting modern technology to the painting works in India. It is the company that actively seeks and adopts the latest international techniques and developments and innovates if necessary, to suit local conditions and infrastructure. Undertaking extensive time and motion studies MPCPL breaks down each assignment into measurable units of time, skills required, standards to be maintained, safety measures etc. Based on this detailed study, an assessment of the end result is made, and assurances given. All equipment and machinery represent the state-of the-art, and have been specially designed and developed by us.


MPCPL has not only the largest teams in painting works, it is also one of the most skilled and experienced. Each member of the MPCPL team is highly motivated. The responsibilities of, and expectations from each member of the team is clearly communicated enabling a singular vision and tight focus that pervade through and form the entire spirit of the organization.